Pollution & Waste

Green and Clean Alloys

Helping meet new standards for cleanup and conservation—and reducing operations risks caused by downtime.

Solutions to High-Temperature and Aqueous Corrosion

Typically operating at 1600-1800°F, incinerators are subject to high-temperature corrosion—which leads to failures and unplanned downtime.

Designed for Tough Jobs

海洋之神线路Our metallurgical expertise has produced the highest performance materials for working in aggressively corrosive environments and keeping your operations up and running.

Who Uses This?

海洋之神线路Incineration is widely used in the petroleum refinery, gas processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries.

Multiple Applications

海洋之神线路Applications include stack linings, scrubbers, boiler tubing, heat exchangers, bellows, dampers and other components are at risk.

Alloys for Pollution And Waste

  • INCONEL® alloy 22
  • INCONEL® alloy 625
  • INCONEL® alloy 686
  • INCOLOY® alloy 800H/800HT®
  • INCONEL® alloy 693
  • INCONEL® alloy C-276
  • INCOLOY® alloy 803
  • INCOLOY® alloy 825
  • INCOLOY® alloy 25-6MO
  • INCOLOY® alloy 27-7MO
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